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EMC@2011!! You are invited...


You are invited...

Today we launch the second Essential Magic Conference. It will take place on the 7th, 8th, 9th of July. The first Essential Magic Conference in 2010 was a watershed event in magic, the world’s first digital conference for magicians.
It achieved an ‘Epic’ rating from registrants in our online poll. And sensational reviews the world over. This July we promise to do it all over again. 3 days of incredible online lectures from 33 of the world’s finest magicians broadcast to you in high quality video.
Registering for the conference includes:
Access to the lectures as they are broadcast live on the internet.
Access to the lectures as video on-demand following the broadcast.
A complete set of DVDs mailed to you and containing video of all the lectures and bonus materials generated by the conference.
Ability to participate in the conference by creating your own Member Page on the EMC website.
Ability to join in Question and Answer sessions and online interviews with our speakers.
Access to our unique chat facility that enables you to comment and talk throughout the conference with other members and our Speakers.
Bonus materials, competitions and special offers.
Registration for EMC 2011 costs $90/

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    有这么点意思呵呵··········但是还是恭喜楼主了    我们都好羡慕mumu

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