magicS 发表于 2009-9-28 12:16:36

很弱很弱地问问啊... 今天去欢乐谷看场地是吗?


梁明 发表于 2009-9-28 12:53:32


修罗 发表于 2009-9-28 14:43:34

哦 这样啊

げ錦﹎冢゛ 发表于 2009-9-28 15:35:21

沙沙感冒了就乖乖呆着吧 比赛加油哦

魔幻MC 发表于 2009-9-28 18:05:47

还有街头表演 棒

boboan 发表于 2009-9-28 20:58:16


magicS 发表于 2009-9-28 22:34:03

哦了   此贴必沉

wj126 发表于 2009-9-28 23:56:19


撒旦魔王 发表于 2009-9-29 00:48:01


yuchon 发表于 2010-3-11 18:55:23

wedding gown

I chose to have my wedding dress personally tailored for me to my own unique design beach wedding dresses so that I could incorporate all the wonderful things I admired from several different wedding gown designers. It was absolutely gorgeous, but truthfully if I were to do it all again I would buy a dress already made, because adding this extra item to my list of things to do was entirely unnecessary even if the end result was stunning. Whatever your final decision I know you will look stunning in your modest wedding gowns because all brides do. What can I say ?C it’s a Bride thing!
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